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Fexpoo is a service platform that specializes in organizing events, in accordance with international quality standards, depending on the experience of those working for it, as it creates an event for its clients, providing them with the best creative ways to create their events, and serves everything the customer needs through its website. Expo helps its customers to know all that is new from exhibitions, events, conferences and workshops in the Middle East, as it provides services to sell and book tickets for all types of events electronically with the provision of appropriate payment methods in addition to displaying the event through its website, and it provides a system for managing and organizing the entry and exit of visitors And keep up with the event provided detailed reports and statistics about the event.

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You can find upcoming events in this section
Stay tuned for international and trade exhibitions in various parts of Turkey during January 2020
Live the most beautiful experience in the summer, which courses include many programs, including English language program (120 intensive and comprehensive study hours) Workshops Program development Skills programme Empowerment and development As it involves me. : Stay in a conservative...
Share our enthusiasm and passion for learning in the course which include: Family housing English language course Weekend out-of-town leisure trips Evening activities every week Textbooks and certificate Medical insurance Meals daily
We shared the passion and passion of learning and living the most beautiful experience of the summer in the course that includes Ali : • More than 50 activities during the duration of the program • 150 hours of intensive...
Restaurant and cafe management course The course aims to introduce the right foundations for investment in the restaurant and cafe sector and enable investors to manage on a scientific methodology based on the experience of the trainer extended for more...
– How to calculate the market share in fitness centers-estimating population data in case of lack of accurate sources or conducting studies-determining the size of the appropriate Center for market share-market studies and practical benefit from them-the most important objectives...
Economical dieting to reduce costs (for restaurants and cafes) Are you tired of running your project without a rewarding financial return? Are you tired of trying to control daily and operational costs but to no avail? Join us to learn...
Axes * Types of investments * Classification and accounting processing of investments * Treat investments as financial instruments in accordance with IFRS Coach Mr. Mohammed Azzam-chartered accountant – Fellow of the Association of accountants and auditors Egyptian – American CPA...
Axes Definition of certificate characteristics Accreditation and certification bodies Requirements for obtaining the certificate , materials covered by the certificate Exam method, exam venue, and organizer Lecturers Part one: CPA & CMA professional certifications Mr. Osama Azazi CPA & CMA...
In light of the strong competition in digital marketing and its many types, content marketing has emerged as the most important types of digital marketing at the moment, and has become a lot of technologies and mechanisms that depend on...
The exhibition aims at exchanging successful experiences between schools, developing educational administrative leaders and stimulating educational thought for quality and creativity.
We are pleased to invite you to participate in the first international virtual exhibition in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the period from 07-10 September 2020 corresponding to 19-22 Muharram 1442h with the participation of many government agencies and...
Details of accommodation and services provided: – accommodation in a four star hotel, for four days / three nights. Arrival 09/09/2019 departure 11/09/2019-reception and transfer from the airport upon arrival, and to the airport upon departure. – Breakfast open buffet....
Exhibition disciplines: The exhibition specializes in the presentation of designs of wedding dresses for women and men’s suits for weddings, as well as dresses and suits for evenings, parties and formal and special events, and for all ages for adults...
The exhibition specialises in organic healthy natural agricultural products, such as agricultural products, foods, oils, beverages, fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, organic seeds and Fertilizers, health and fitness therapeutic medical preparations, natural cosmetics, as well as organic cotton fabrics...
The exhibition specializes in all types of wooden furniture from single and double bedrooms and children’s rooms, office furniture of all kinds, salon furniture and home furniture, home decoration, wooden and metal doors, garden furniture and event rooms, kitchen furniture...
Stay tuned for international and trade exhibitions in various parts of Turkey during January 2020
To: Arab business ladies and gentlemen M/ invitation to participate in the exhibition IF WEDDING FASHION IZMIR Fuarı 2021 Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you: Our company, the official delegate for organizing delegations, is pleased to invite...
Please fill out the form and contact us via WhatsApp: 00966506098859
A festival that displays grape production and sales platforms for farmers, productive families and artisans.
The exhibition creates a unique field and platform for innovations, cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled business opportunities for companies and potential clients around the world.
Girls Sports is the first platform in the world that deals with all kinds of sports for women and girls
The duration of the program is two months. Attend the program remotely online. Certificate from the Arab Board. More than (300) sports coaches and physical education teachers so far
March 10, 2021
The International Drift and Autocross Championship under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sports under the supervision of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation.    
Family Carnival 2 includes special events, live shows, entertainment theater, artistic parties, a shopping section, and many other events.
The largest freshwater lake in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Al-Ahsa is the largest agricultural oasis in the world (Guinness World Records 2020) the program : 2:00 pm: Departure from in front of the African Lions Reserve....
8:00 am: Leave the news that Rakah. 10:00 am: Passing the Ibrahim Palace from outside and the sales house. 11:00 am: The Amiriya School (the first regular school in the Eastern Province) 12:00 noon: The popular Qaysariyah market for more...
Two days and a night of adventures with training on the Leave No Trace program First day : 2:00 pm: gathering point 3:00 pm: the desert site 4:00 pm: Desert events: - Dune climbing hiking around the sand. Four-wheel drive...
9:00 am: Leave Al Khobar, Holiday Inn Al Rakah Hotel. sport City 11:00 am: Al-Qarah Mountain and Cave. 1.00 pm: Lunch at a traditional restaurant. 3.30 pm: Rest at Abu Al-Masafir, near the lake 5.30 pm: End of the program...
Event description : First day: reception at airport meet and greet driver who speaks English, then talk to the hotel(4 stars).After the break move to the mountain dette which is the highest mountain in the capital.It takes 15 minutes to...
Trip program: 2:00 pm: Leaving Khobar. 3:00 pm: Desert site. 4:00 pm: Activity in the desert (hiking, 4-wheel drive activities like dunes, sand boarding, Hanna carving for women) 6:00 pm: Dinner in the desert. 8:00 pm: Back to the kHOBR.
Trip program: 8:00 am: Leave the Khobar. 9:30 am: The historic port and beach of Uqair, 1200 years old. 11:30 am: A natural agricultural oasis in the desert. 1:00 pm: Lunch at a popular restaurant. 4:00 pm: The Yellow Lake...
The Proud Hotel caters to all your occasions, enjoy comfort and luxurious modern facilities. Services provided by the hotel: Coordinating all meeting rooms and their equipment. Coordination of wedding halls and personal events - The best and most luxurious hotels...
Tourist Program 08:30am :Departure From Alkhobar 10:30am : Rose farm and alaha Products 12:30pm : Lunch Time 2:30pm : Algarah Mountain 4:00pm : Jawatha Mosque & city Tourism 5:30pm : Crafts Market 7:00pm : Alqaysaryah Market 8:00pm : End of...
09:00am : Leaving Alkhobar Holdy inn Rakha 11:00am : Algara Cave 01:00pm : Lunch Time in local resturent 03:00pm : Alasfer Desert 03:30pm : Alasfer Lake and sand dune 05:30pm : End of trip . Return to Alkhobar.
We have pledged with you to provide high-quality care whose primary focus is the health and comfort of the patient and to set a new standard for the foundations of health care. Our goal is to go beyond the traditional...
Entertainment is an essential element of human happiness and physical and psychological health, and has a social and economic return and an important element in creating jobs and occupying leisure time to benefit The service of business men and business...
The exhibition creates a unique field and platform for innovations, cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled business opportunities for companies and potential clients around the world.
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