content marketing course

In light of the strong competition in digital marketing and the many types of it, content marketing has emerged as the most important type of digital marketing at the moment , and it has become a lot of technologies and mechanisms that are relied on globally

Success is any marketing plan for any entity, whether an association, institution, company, or even an official entity.


– What is content marketing

– Does content marketing bring profits to companies

– Types of content marketing

– How to choose the right content to market a product

Workshop output

Knowledge of the stages of content marketing

Learn the tools needed to create digital content.

Acquire the best content marketing strategies.

Identify the forms of content marketing.

How important content marketing is for companies.

Workshop requirements

Previous background on marketing in general
To be one of those who like to read and have a constant monthly response, whether paper or electronic books
A lover of creativity and thinking outside the box

Trainer: Ahmed fares-business development consultant

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